Heinrich Schütz (1585 – 1672) composed this beautiful song around 1635. I changed lyrics and melody a bit, tried different new intros and added many new sounds. This is how music for a „Scandinavian fairytale, crime film“ and an „electro-folk-pop festival“ came about.

Songs for the road

„Jan Kock & Friends“ remixed and supplemented. ( Jan Kock, Ulrich Brelowski, Andreas Regel, Martin Kühl ), on well known streaming services like spotify, deezer, apple music.

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 Fly me to the moon (Bart Howard)

Aint no sunshine (Bill Withers)

All along the watchtower (Bob Dylan)

A horse with no name (Dewey Bunnell)

Jan Kock / Guitars / Bass
Sachar Bialecki / Vocals
Jan Lucas Seiler / Drums
Produced by Götz Kretschmann / Wonderlandstudio