In the near future I`ll be releasing a couple of songs that I already recorded under the name „Jan Kock & Friends“ ( Jan Kock, Ulrich Brelowski, Andreas Regel, Martin Kühl ), on well known streaming services like spotify, deezer, apple music…The songs have all been remixed and supplemented.

The first is „Gelee Royale“. It will be released on October 8th:

>> auf Spotify

 Fly me to the moon (Bart Howard)

One of my all time favorites, happy, melancholic, strong, funny and a little bit sad.
A minor song that sounds like a major; great!

Aint no sunshine (Bill Withers)

Groovy and melodic, thank you Bill for this wonderful tune.

All along the watchtower (Bob Dylan)

Tried to find something between Bob – Rock – and Jimi E7#9

A horse with no name (Dewey Bunnell)

You can`t beat the original version, I still had to cover this song,
which has been with me for so long.

Jan Kock / Guitars / Bass
Sachar Bialecki / Vocals
Jan Lucas Seiler / Drums
Produced by Götz Kretschmann / Wonderlandstudio

Farben, Formen, Ornamente, Strukturen, organisch, dynamisch, brodelnd, frisch, gebrochen, glänzend, verspielt, geheimnisvoll

Colours, Forms and shapes, Ornaments, Structures, organic, dynamic, fresh, broken, glittering, playful, mysterious

30 klassische Stücke für E-Bass

„Classique Bassics“ beinhaltet 30 dem Kanon der klassischen Gitarrenliteratur des 19. Jahrhunderts entnommene Kompositionen. Sie wurden für den viersaitigen E-Bass bearbeitet, sind darüber hinaus spielbar für Akustik-, Kontrabass und Cello.